Crypto-fashion is a multi-billion dollar, largely untapped market. Exclusivity can now be validated on the blockchain. Don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in this space and your crypto-fashion wardrobe. NFTees is powered by Fantom, the world's fastest blockchain.

NFTee holders earn royalties on sales of Merch Tees (physical only) sold on our Merch Tee store. It's that simple. Hold the NFTee, earn a portion of the revenue generated from Merch Tee sales.

Our Collections

Custom Collection: 100 1/1 Hand-made NFTees on Fantom.

explanation of what NFTees is all about

Purchased NFTees can be found on the Wardrobes page by searching for your wallet address.

Custom Collection Rarity Scale

the rarity of NFTees

We are driven by the desire to provide quality and value for our NFTee holders. Rarity scale is approximate. Slight deviation from the numbers will be designed to benefit existing NFTee holders.

Collection 2: To Be Announced.